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Challenge #16- Miss Rigor Mortis
Weird Al - Dare To Be Stupid!
thatssorad wrote in sim_mania

ANN 1: Well folks, welcome back to the first annual Miss Rigor Mortis Pageant. We're coming to you live from the back alley of the only store that's still open! We'll get underway with our next contestant in just a moment, but first we have a quick announcement regarding the program tonight. Due to the number of um... body parts accumulating on certain stages, we'll have to jump around categories in a different order until our aides have finished clearing the debris. But I assure you, every contestant will get a chance to show off their stuff.

ANN 2: Now, on to our next undead beauty.. Miss... oh my goodness.. uh... are you guys sure this is right? ...yeah? Okay... Aaaaaaagh..leaaggh… Thomssssssson, in Formal wear. Here's what she had to say when we asked her "What would you do as Miss Rigor Mortis to change the world?"

Improve... phys ed *tic* for everyone... *groan* It's hard t-trying to capture food when... *wheeze* you stumble slower than a ssssslug...

ANN 1: Fantastic. And what a beautiful dress, too.
ANN 2: Alright, next is the talent competition, where we find our current contestant at the microphone, to sing Whitney Houston's smash "I Will Always Love You."

Aaaghnd Aaaaggh-aagh-aggh *tic* will always l-*gurgle*-love yoooouu..

ANN 1: Well that certainly was wrenching.
ANN 2: Boy, you said it. Next we have the swimwear competition. And here she comes, strutting her stuff right down our line of sight.

ANN 1: Absolutely stunning, the green is a good color for that pallor, I think.
ANN 2: Not too shabby, you're right but - hey wait, she isn't stopping at the end of the walk, there..
ANN 1: That's... not good, right?
ANN 2: Oh... she's coming right for us!
ANN 1: Here! Here! Have the sash and the tiara, you win!
ANN 2: She doesn't want those, stupid!


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Oh man, I am cracking up! That was awesome. I LOVED the announcers, poor fellows. But at least she got what she wanted - and it wasn't the tiara or the sash. ;)

This is fantastic, my favourite so far! XD

If I may ask, where is her formalwear from?

Thanks very much! :D

The formal wear is the AF Marchesa Chiffon Dress over at MTS2 :]

Okay, since you did it sans Uni, I guess I have to now too. XD

I loved the commentary on this... and the way she sang that Whitney song... total awesomesocks!

Ooooo I love the evil look on her in the first picture, it's great!

Hehe thanks! It was totally unintentional, but it worked out fantastically :]

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