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Challenge #16 - Zombie Beauty Pageant
rockitha wrote in sim_mania

Here's my entry, it's my Zombie founder of my legacy Mirrum Hikaru! I couldn't resist when I saw this contest and I HAD to enter her. She's the first zombie I've ever had and I'm quite fond of her.

I did the photo shoot in her own back yard, haha, so just to be different to the other entries she's in her garden. lol
So here's presenting ...Mirrum!

Mirrum is wearing wearing the black silk gown that she was buried in, doesn't she look a vision?

Here she is workin' a sexy red pair of swimmers that she stole from the neighbours clothes line. You so bad!

Mirrum: To be or not to Zombie... THAT is the question!

For the talent portion of the pageant, Mirrum will now recite some deep and meaningful poetry.

And finally, the answer to the all important question: "What would you do as Miss Rigor Mortis to change the world?"

Mirrum: Raise awareness of the Unfortunate Undead Foundation, an organization that helps Zombies less fortunate than others. Did you know that there are Zombies out there that are forced to eat any old brain they can find on the street?! It's quite shocking really. *nods*

LOL I hope you like her. ;)

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MIRRUM!! 8D Lmao, when I saw your icon, my immediate thought was "Oh! Mirrum! Of course!" XD

I thoroughly enjoyed that line about sporting the dress that she was buried in XD

I likey! I likey! Aw, Mirrum, you so sexy. That shot of her staggering along the runway in her funeral gown is just lovely! XD

YES! Excellent! That last picture is totally fierce. XD

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