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Challenge #16 - Miss Rigor Mortis
DW - Dalek poetry
slina_elvellon wrote in sim_mania

Presenting our latest contestant, Miss Thanata Necros!

She comes to us from the sunny Green Island where she is the local champion of the hula dance.

As you can clearly see, she is also champion of making any bathing suit look truly sexy.

So Thanata, what would you do as Miss Rigor Mortis to change the world?

"*groan* Haven't you, like, noticed I'm, like, totally *gurgle* alone in, like all those pictures? *groan* I, like, really don't think I'm, like, the only one or anything, you know? *groan* *gurgle* Being undead is, like, really lonely and stuff, and, like, I totally don't think anyone should put up with that. *grooaaan* I'd totally, like, find cool ways to, like, help undead people like me to, like, meet each other and stuff. *gurgle* Oh, and I'd also, like, raise awareness with other people or something, like maybe run drives so people can, like, donate brains for the undead who, like, can't find brains of their own. Wouldn't that, like, be so totally cool? *groooooaaaaaaan* *gurgle*"

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Hahahah :D she's SUCH a diva! *G*

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