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Challenge #16 Voting Post: Miss Rigor Mortis
haughtysims wrote in sim_mania

Fabulous Ladies! Just fabulous! I'm so pleased to see all the glorious contestants strut their stuff. I know you are all destined for great things, perhaps a future in national politics! Now the hard part, you must vote for your favorite lovely. Please post in the screened comments on THIS post with the NUMBER of the contestant you think is the best. Remember, this is a vote for the best of Zombie kind.

1. slina_elvellon 
2. cadencelegacy 
3. sea_serpent 
4. rockitha 
5. thatssorad 
6. iliketoplaygod 
7. naughtydolphin 

They are all so... lovely, in their own way. Stop looking at me like that... They look... hungry! *RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!!!*

Voting Ends on Friday, November 14 at 6am PST. *Gurgle*


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