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Challenge #17
DAAS: giant head
naughtydolphin wrote in sim_mania
It has come to the attention of this government that the quality of parenting our citizens are exhibiting is sorely lacking. Please find enclosed the first of a series in "Parenting: How To" posters. It is advised that you keep these in a prominent place so that you will remember this information.

I based it off this parenting guide (not my flickr). I was given a copy of the book for Christmas, and it came with a set of magnets, a bib showing the feeding picture, and a spinner wheel (like in Twister) to decide if mum or dad should get up to get the baby at night.

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LOOOL THIS WAS AWESOME. The second pic. That was just.. oh man hahaha.

thanks to the OMSP I was able to get the baby in the right place, and the mug would snap into his hand, but not sit on the table properly. But I think it works better like it is, because it looks like he's pissed and going to throw it at her :)

(Deleted comment)
"I want some more chocolate milk, NOW!"

ROFL! Awesome!

Kaylynn Dreamer (nee Langerak) clearly needs the parenting classes!

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