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Challenge #17
simmericangirl wrote in sim_mania
Straight from the list of "Stupid Warning Labels".... i give to you, the one that makes you laugh. But then, it makes you think. Someone actually did that? And then it makes you sad.

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That is very scary, yet adorable at the same time. :)

I actually saw this inside of a microwave once. Well, i saw it on the list, and then looked in the micro. It makes you think if someone actually did that.

Someone did actually do it, to warm up her cat. I remember reading about it...*wanders off to find a reference*

I guess kitty really wanted her pot pie.

Sounds remarkably like my cats...-.-

(Deleted comment)
No kitties were actually harmed in the making of this.

Thanks!! As i was reading down the list of stupid warning labels, i knew exactly which one i wanted.

hahaha. was it a glitch or did you move_objects on the cat there?

Oh it's totally moveobjects! I guess i'm lucky because i really don't get any weird glitches.

Hee hee hee hee hee hee. Love it!!!

A+. I am still waiting for my ~*~*~*~inspiration to strike~*~*~*~ for this one.

That's what i was waiting for too!

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