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We're Not Dead Yet!
haughtysims wrote in sim_mania
I think it's time for a makeover! 

I was really touched by the sentiment in a recent POSITIVE simsecret, people missed this community. Well I've missed it too!  I've missed the community voting, the friendly folks and the big group hug attitude that was fostered here.

I'm trying to open up this community to not just the dedicated Livejournal community, but also some of the smaller communities off LJ. We all like to make pretty pictures and have a place to show them off.

There's a new game coming out soon and there's been concern about the... aesthetics of the game. Lets push that! 

 I plan to have both Sims2 and Sims3 exclusive contests, and if we get wild and crazy then perhaps a few mixed contests too. 

So please be on the look out for a new makeover for the community! It's GOOD to be back.

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Gosh, I'm sorry for the hiatus. I got really involved on another site, but there's no place like home. :)

I'm thinking that tutorials will be posted as well too. I've learned a bunch of new tips and tricks. I've got a dream of hosting a sim oriented deviantArt group as well. There's hardly any of us there!

Wow, a sim-based deviantART would be beyond amazing! I'm big in the dA community as it is, and there really aren't any Sim-oriented artistic pieces there. That's such a great idea!

And I like the tutorials idea, too! It would be awesome. Maybe you could even have a contest for the best tutorial on a certain topic? :)

That's a really good idea!
I'm thinking about demystifing the whole Simpose stuff for people. I want people to look at their games as not just fun playthings, but as convienent tools at their disposal to use and exploit.

I play it, but for some reason I don't have as much fun playing than I do when I'm creating something. I make short movies sometimes, (I made a music video for my boyfriend a few years ago. It was horrible. lol) and I spent about a week and a half making a movie for him very recently. It was a sim-acted version of our story (because it's kind of The Notebook-ish. Interesting enough to watch, anyway.) and it ended up being over 48 minutes long. I even used Sim footage to create an interactive menu on a DVD for it. It has bloopers and a making-of and a theatrical trailer. I had a lot of fun doing it!

So yeah, it would be cool to see more people using TS2 as an extensive resource, because otherwise it's just being wasted! There aren't enough of us artsy Simmers to make all that the game is capable of.

Oh, please do demystify!

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