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Sim Mania: Creative Challenges for Simmers

A Fair and Friendly Sims 2 Contest Community

About that resurrection...
It's not happening for a while. I had high hopes, but I've stalled out and rather than leave you all in limbo I'd like to direct you to a new community that also has contests and right now they are working on their first one.

weheartsims Clicky for the love!

We're Not Dead Yet!
I think it's time for a makeover! 

I was really touched by the sentiment in a recent POSITIVE simsecret, people missed this community. Well I've missed it too!  I've missed the community voting, the friendly folks and the big group hug attitude that was fostered here.

I'm trying to open up this community to not just the dedicated Livejournal community, but also some of the smaller communities off LJ. We all like to make pretty pictures and have a place to show them off.

There's a new game coming out soon and there's been concern about the... aesthetics of the game. Lets push that! 

 I plan to have both Sims2 and Sims3 exclusive contests, and if we get wild and crazy then perhaps a few mixed contests too. 

So please be on the look out for a new makeover for the community! It's GOOD to be back.

Challenge #17: PSA Winner!
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Challenge #17- Public Service Announcement Voting Post

We had TWO lovely entries this time that qualify for voting. naughtydolphinwon last time and does not qualify for voting this round.

Please enter the username or number of the entry that you like best in the screened comments on this post.
1. Link simmericangirl
2.Link cadencelegacy

With only two entries voting is critical! Please vote for your favorite.

Challenge #17
When Sims smustle they make the weirdest faces, and one of them reminds me of the episode of House (3.17) where a famous photographer has a stroke, so that was my inspiration.

F.A.S.T.Collapse )

Challenge #17
Straight from the list of "Stupid Warning Labels".... i give to you, the one that makes you laugh. But then, it makes you think. Someone actually did that? And then it makes you sad.

What could it be? Could people really be that dumb?Collapse )

Challenge #17
DAAS: giant head
It has come to the attention of this government that the quality of parenting our citizens are exhibiting is sorely lacking. Please find enclosed the first of a series in "Parenting: How To" posters. It is advised that you keep these in a prominent place so that you will remember this information.

Parenting: How To #1. One huge picture within!Collapse )

Challenge #17: Public Service Announcement

People do stupid things. The job of the government is to protect people from doing stupid things. The government makes people aware of stupid things by making public service announcements. TO REPEAT: PEOPLE DO REALLY STUPID THINGS. We are going to help them in the form of posters.

1. One image of any dimension with at least one sim object in it.
2. It can be funny or deadly serious. Warn sims about the hazards of daily life.

Contest Ends on Monday December 1, 2008 at 6 am PST.

Example: Example under the CutCollapse )

Miss Rigor Mortis: Challenge Winner!

Or is it <i>WINNERS</i>?Collapse )

Challenge #16 Voting Post: Miss Rigor Mortis

Fabulous Ladies! Just fabulous! I'm so pleased to see all the glorious contestants strut their stuff. I know you are all destined for great things, perhaps a future in national politics! Now the hard part, you must vote for your favorite lovely. Please post in the screened comments on THIS post with the NUMBER of the contestant you think is the best. Remember, this is a vote for the best of Zombie kind.

1. community.livejournal.com/sim_mania/64698.html#cutid1 slina_elvellon 
2. community.livejournal.com/sim_mania/64354.html cadencelegacy 
3. community.livejournal.com/sim_mania/64129.html sea_serpent 
4. community.livejournal.com/sim_mania/63879.html rockitha 
5. community.livejournal.com/sim_mania/63560.html thatssorad 
6. community.livejournal.com/sim_mania/63356.html iliketoplaygod 
7. community.livejournal.com/sim_mania/62864.html naughtydolphin 

They are all so... lovely, in their own way. Stop looking at me like that... They look... hungry! *RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!!!*

Voting Ends on Friday, November 14 at 6am PST. *Gurgle*