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Challenge #16 - Zombie Beauty Pageant!
naughtydolphin wrote in sim_mania
Because it's not nice to discriminate against the married or widowed, SimCity presents the first Mrs Rigor Mortis Zombie Beauty Pageant!

Interviewer: Mrs Beaker, What would you do as Mrs Rigor Mortis to change the world?

Circe: *groooaaan* I would take over and form a malevolent dictatorship, with my husband as my right hand man.
Interviewer: *crickets*

It is indeed possible to be sexy and decomposing at the same time, as shown here by a stunning Mrs Decrepit.

Being undead is no reason to be unfit! Here, Circe shows us her slick Tai Chi moves, which she says are quite useful for bringing down potential victims.

And here we are folks - meet your new Mrs Rigor Mortis! Of course, not everyone is a good loser. Mrs Congeniality, Olive Specter, was clearly dissatisfied. She'd eaten many more brains than Circe!

note: that brain bubble was pure Olive! It was superbly well timed.

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I think she's truly a zombie at heart - this is another shot I got. I think she was a bit disappointed because she discovered her son didn't have any brains.


that's classic. I srsly believe that's what she's thinking

She does look disappointed :)

Ahahahaha! Poor Nervous, letting his mum down like that.

Given how the Beaker's treat him, it's not surprising he has none left!

HA! So fun. And she looks pretty darn good in those pics... for a dead girl. Love the stage lighting!

thanks :) I can't remember who did the lights, but I got them from MTS2.

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