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Challenge #16: Miss Rigor Mortis
Self Sim
iliketoplaygod wrote in sim_mania
What better way is there to cheer yourself up, then to play around with zombie beauty pageant hopefuls!

Such grace and poise she has dragging herself down the runway.

A creature of such glorious personality and colour.

Miss Scarlet has quite the talent for fire tossing, this Rigor Mortis hopeful.

Pageant Host: "What would you do as Miss Rigor Mortis to change the world?"
Scarlet: "I would ...gurgle gurgle. Ensure everyone ...groan. Had plenty of food brains! ...moan ...sigh ...gurgle."

Outakes and more can be seen @ my livejournal.

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Fantastic Job! I love the whole shoot and the dialogue completes it.

oo it's such a pretty shoot!

Thank you, it was quite fun ...I loves me some zombies! =P

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! Lol I had a fun making that thing ...had to hand draw the dang text with my mouse haha, couldn't get the text to warp right.

I think she is too! :]

Haha, I like her answer to the question.

Lol it was fun to write first I was all, shit I don't know what to say for that lol then it popped into my head. Wew go me! HAHA =P

Fire tossing?! Now that's hard to beat. Love her boots in the first shot, and the scenery is lovely! She's very color coordinated on the swimsuit, and quite skilled with a flaming baton. I'd have to say Miss Scarlet is lethargically dragging herself to the top in this competition!

LOL man it was hard to think of a talent, I even harassed people in chat, and the hubby haha! They had no ideas lol. And then I thought, zombies? FIRE! And thus we have the result. The dress is from Club Crimsyn (if you want it - there are other colours as well).

Thank you much for the comments and the awesome final statment, "...lethargically dragging herself to the top..." Vey amusing :]

She looks awesome, I love the short yellow bob on that skintone. And you did a really good job with the text on the sash! I suck at "hand writing" with the mouse.

Thank you very much! Lol I tell you it was slow going writing that haha.

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