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We're Not Dead Yet!
haughtysims wrote in sim_mania
I think it's time for a makeover! 

I was really touched by the sentiment in a recent POSITIVE simsecret, people missed this community. Well I've missed it too!  I've missed the community voting, the friendly folks and the big group hug attitude that was fostered here.

I'm trying to open up this community to not just the dedicated Livejournal community, but also some of the smaller communities off LJ. We all like to make pretty pictures and have a place to show them off.

There's a new game coming out soon and there's been concern about the... aesthetics of the game. Lets push that! 

 I plan to have both Sims2 and Sims3 exclusive contests, and if we get wild and crazy then perhaps a few mixed contests too. 

So please be on the look out for a new makeover for the community! It's GOOD to be back.

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